Tips for an application Part 3

A successful application is the basis for a new job. The recruiting team collected helpful tips on what you should pay attention to and what you can do to positively stick out in the application process.  The last part of our three-part series is about the job interview:

  • Arrive for the interview relaxed, well prepared and punctual. It is very impolite to arrive late, but also too early. Generally, arriving five minutes before the time of the interview is a good guideline.
  • Choose an appropriate outfit that makes you feel good. Dress in a way that is appropriate for the industry, however, overdressed is better than underdressed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be coat and tie or a suit. Generally, the dress code can differ e.g. in an IT company compared to the banking industry.
  • Be honest and self-confident. Most interviewers notice very quickly when they are being lied to. It is difficult to hide gaps in your CV or dismissal by an employer anyway, therefore it’s best to be open about these things. Everyone stumbles in the course of their professional life, therefore just be honest about the reasons.
  • Bring your application documents to the interview. It’s good to have your credentials and documents with you in case the company would like to copy them.
  • Ask lots of questions! Don’t be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions in order to find out whether the company really is a good fit for you. Usually these questions are not understood as an annoyance but are seen positively as interest from your side.
  • The company usually also (and hopefully not only) asks standard questions (e.g. What are your strengths? / What are you goals?). You can find many of these questions during a quick internet search. You can prepare answers for these questions. Also here it is important that you are honest and authentic.

We hope that our tips will be of help for your next application. You can find the other tips in the news section. The first part  is about the time before the application and the second part has tips for preparing for the interview. If you want to apply your new knowledge right away, you can find all current job offers for our team here!

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