Tips for an application Part 2

A successful application is the basis for a new job. The recruiting team collected helpful tips on what you should pay attention to and what you can do to positively stick out in the application process. The second part of our three-part series is about preparing for the interview.

  • Inform yourself extensively about the company. Research important information, for example, the number of employees, turnover and markets. You might be able to use these infos in your application.
  • Further, inform yourself about the people who will conduct the interview. We recommend looking for them on the company’s website and search engines or social media (e.g. Xing). That way you get a first impression of who you will be talking to.
  • It is definitely helpful to inform yourself about the job description. Especially if you are just entering the working world or if you are applying for a job you are not yet acquainted with. Think about the following questions:  What is the core of the job? How will you spend most of your working time? What could be challenging?
  • Also catch your contact person’s interest with an interesting letter of application. Avoid sending standard letters or a summary of your CV. Ideally you write an individual and succinct application. Write why the position is interesting to you and why you believe you are the right person for the job.
  • Before you send it, carefully read through the letter of application as well as the CV once more. There should be no spelling mistakes in your application and make sure that no wrong contact persons are mentioned. If you already have a long career path, you should adjust your CV according to the position you are applying for. Which parts of your training or job experience are relevant for the new position? Which of your past responsibilities might be interesting for your contact person?

You can find the first part of our tips, which is about the time before the application, here. The third part will soon be published. You can find all current job offers for our team under!


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