Tips for an application Part1

A successful application is the first step to a new job. The recruiting team has a few tips for your application so that you stick out positively in the application process. The first part of our three-part series is about the time before the application.

  • Thoroughly research on the company’s website and in social networks (e.g. kununu,, linkedin,…) whether the corporate culture of the potential employer really suits you.
  • Take a close look at the company in order to collect important information. You can use these later on in the application process. You show interest by mentioning the information in your application.
  • The more information the potential employer has about you, the better. Therefore, try to fill out as many details as possible on the application form. A well thought out letter of motivation gives human resources additional information about you. That way they can quickly see if you would be a “match”.
  • If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the contact person. You can clarify important details, e.g. the exact working times, in advance.
  • Quality beats quantity! Better send fewer applications, but make sure the ones you send are goal oriented and individual.
  • Think hard about which areas of work you are interested in, which opportunities for the future the job offers and what your personal priorities are. The more detailed your ideas are, the better you can select your applications. If you are unsure, writing down your thoughts can help. Don’t listen to others, only you know what is important to you.

Here you will soon also find the other parts of our tips for applicants as well. You can find the current job offers for your team here.

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