fit-at-work 2018  pays particular attention to the health of the entire team and we therefore regularly offer a wide range of events concerned with health-specific topics under the motto fit-at-work. This year, the offer will increasingly focus on individual consultations and tests designed to improve the health of employees. As you’d expect, the whole team enjoys taking advantage of this offer! Alongside eye tests and vaccinations, the following is on the agenda for 2018:

  • Cardiovascular risk profile incl. lipid panel
    Individual risk factors are identified to prevent or detect civilisation diseases early. In addition, blood lipid levels, blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) are measured. Finally, employees receive tips on how to reduce their individual risk from a health expert.


  • Spine examination
    An analysis of the spine detects any postural, movement or muscular problems. Afterwards, experts give employees individual advice on exercises they can do to prevent or lessen discomfort experienced in the musculoskeletal system.


  • Physical profile with BIA
    Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) measures body fat, muscle mass and total body water, providing each participant with important insights into their body composition, which is an important parameter for general health. Personalised dietary and exercise recommendations complete the test.


  • Lung function test with Spiro & Smokerlyzer
    This programme focusses on the functional state of the respiratory organs and detecting illnesses at an early stage. Afterwards, participants are provided with suggestions for individual measures they can take to improve the health of the respiratory tract and lungs.

You can find an overview of our other diverse events in our annual preview.

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