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You are counting down the days: You are starting the new job and therefore a new part of your professional life begins. Nerves and excitement are taking turns. Upon entering the office building in Linz you feel the comfortable atmosphere and cool vibe right from the beginning. The casual conduct with each other and the friendly corporate culture catch your attention right away. All employees are on a first name basis. Therefore there is no room for inhibition in the communication with new colleagues and supervisors.

The head of HR will first welcome you and introduce you to the company in more detail and explain some guidelines before showing you around the offices. Afterwards you will meet your new colleagues in the department. Due to our growing team in recent years, the company is split up in two buildings. Clear floorplans help with orientation. At your work station, there will be an IT introduction to the systems and programmes that are used. The flood of information at the beginning is challenging but, your nice colleagues are always available for questions that come up. In addition, a mentor will always be by your side with advice and help.

On the following days on your new job, you will get trainings about other parts of the company so that you get a better overview of the entire company. After the training period you get your own projects right away, our motto is “learning by doing”. You are a member of the team right away and one thing becomes clear quickly: Terms like “flat hierarchies”, “short decision-making processes” and “room for your own ideas” are not empty phrases but rooted deep in the corporate culture.

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